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Late, but still interesting!

Surreal's thoughts on last Friday's new episodes of Monk, Psych, and Stargate Atlantis.

MONK - "Mr. Monk Goes to the Bank"

I am so happy that the show has gotten good again recently! There was a stretch where it was so painful to watch, where it seemed like the plot of whole episodes was to embarrass Monk and those around him with his condition. Last week's episode was great for all the characters, but especially for my favorite - Randy. *squeee!!* He had an ongoing battle with a street performer who was entirely painted silver and pretended to be a statue. Natalie caught him practicing the statue bit at the police station and stuck pencils up his nose, which was just too funny. In the end, it was Randy who saved the day, posting a message to the guy that said "CALL 911 U SILVER BASTARD." That just had me rolling. Finally, he had the best line in the episode: "Don't open box 444. Or the one directly below it." (The four of them were trapped in a bank vault and Randy had to "go.")

PSYCH - "The Old and the Restless"

The writers of this episode deserve a metal. OMG. "This is my so-....er, grandson, and ... his Gus." Henry went undercover at a retirement community because he and Shawn were arguing about who could solve the case fastest. I love their relationship, and I especially love when Henry challenges Shawn. When the three of them were in the truck, Gus was sleeping on Henry's shoulder and there was no indication that this was unusual - just reminds us that they really are a family. And for us Shawn/Lassiter sluts out there - at one point Shawn was having a vision in the chief's office and he started poking Lassiter in the crotch with his hand before Lassie slapped his hand away. Yeah, that's subtle. *snerk*

SGA - "Quarantine"

To quote Cesperanza - "Oh, SHOW." I can't even do justice to how good this episode was, let alone touch what others have already written and analysed about it. Go check out the episode discussions by others here:

Cesperanza: http://cesperanza.livejournal.com/190970.html#cutid1
Crysothemis: http://crysothemis.livejournal.com/60970.html#cutid1

As for me, GUH. JOHN KNOWS RODNEY'S PASSWORD AND THE REASONS BEHIND ALL THE NUMBERS. *melts* Just one of many, many reasons this episode told us why Rodney belongs with John and not with Katie Brown. The show knew it all along, and it finally got around to admitting it. Even if Rodney was "dating" her to protect John, the whole proposal thing was unnecessary and quickly cleared away. When Rodney showed John the ring, John was devistated, confused and flustered. He didn't know what to say or think, which shows how he feels about Rodney being HIS. She couldn't handle Rodney during his freak out - if it had been John with him, Rodney would have been fine, because John challenges him, keeps him thinking and pushes him all the time. Katie didn't do that, and Rodney got so worked up that he made himself sick. When John spotted Rodney's radio left next to him in the lab (again..."huh"), he KNEW Rodney would be freaking out. He threw a chair through the window to escape the pregnant lady talking about feelings. Heee! Finally, GO RADEK!!!! And John at the end saying Radek was like a hamster going through the vents, too funny.

Overall, I is a happy fangirl!!!!! *hugs her shiny shows*

ETA: Anndie agrees with the thoughts; however she still thinks Surr is nuts