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That time we met the Diagnosis Murder cast

So, I've had this cast photo of the primary four from Diagnosis Murder for close to ten years. I picked it up at a convention because it is my guilty pleasure fandom, one that I adore to this day. Of course, I would never get the chance to get one of them to sign the photo, let alone all four.

RIIIIIIIIGHT....Collapse )
Art Prompt Title: 1034
Art link: Art Masterlist: From Dirty Paws
Artist: saltwatergirl

Fic Title: From Dirty Paws
Author: surranndie
Characters/Pairings: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Sheriff Stilinski, Talia Hale, Papa Hale, Cora Hale, Laura Hale, Scott McCall, Allison Argent, Kate Argent
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 9,986
Warnings: None apply

Summary: Stiles finds a wolf in the woods. Well, it's more like the wolf finds him. Either way, he's happy to have a new friend in his otherwise boring social circle.
Just a quick placeholder post, ensuring that this journal stays on active status. Realized it's been almost a year since the last post on here!

For lolz, here's my AO3 link: http://archiveofourown.org/users/Surreal
And my Tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/surreal666

That's all for now!


New fic: Wherever We Are (Steve/Jesse)

Wherever We Are
Fandom: Diagnosis Murder
Characters: Jesse, Steve, Mark, Amanda
Pairing: Jesse/Steve
Summary: Sometimes plans change and you just have to roll with it.
Warnings: Unashamed Christmas schmoop. Pointless h/c. Not beta’d.

Link to story on Archive Of Our Own

New fic: Status Quo (Tin Man)

Status Quo
Fandom: Tin Man (2007)
Characters/Pairings: Glitch/Cain, DG, Raw
Rating: T (Teen)
Summary: Five years on.
Notes: It is the five-year anniversary of the airing of "Tin Man," a mini-series that I can honestly say changed my life. It renewed my love for all things OZ, got me back into writing and though the fandom has crawled to a sad halt, I will never stop loving these characters and will look back on the work I've done with so much pride.
Additional Location: AO3 LINK

No one would ever believe him if he bothered to correct the popular assumption that Glitch was an apocalyptic disaster in the kitchen.Collapse )


New fic: Unintended (Steve/Jesse)

Fandom: Diagnosis Murder
Characters: Jesse, Steve, Mark
Pairing: Jesse/Steve
Spoilers: Murder Can Be Contagious
Summary: While recovering from the plague at the Sloan residence, Jesse realizes he has forgotten something very important that leads to changes in his life he never expected.
Warnings: Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, knotting, barebacking – basically, all the usual stuff that goes with this genre. Porn. So much cliché. Not beta’d.
Notes: For a quick and dirty tutorial on Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, see here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/403644


CAN BE READ HERE, ON AO3: Unintended

(Yes, I have an AO3 account and dammit, I'm going to USE IT!)

New Fic: Reconnect (Diagnosis Murder)

Title: Reconnect
Fandom: Diagnosis Murder
Characters/Pairing: Jesse/Steve
Rating: Explicit
Words: ~1,800
Warnings: Barebacking.
Summary: They haven’t been able to touch for almost a week.

Making up for lost time.Collapse )

Diagnosis Murder fic: From Day One

Title: From Day One
Author: Surreal
Characters: Mark, Jesse, Steve, (very) pre-slash
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own anything. Also, I play fast and loose with some rules. Just consider it fiction and move along.
Summary: The day Mark Sloan made one of the best decisions of his life. Response to Annie's "Job Interview" challenge.

Mark could tell from day one he had made the right choice.Collapse )

Tin Man Fic: To The Letter

For Kseda. Because.

Title: To The Letter
Fandom: Tin Man
Characters/Pairings: Glitch, Cain
Rating: PG
Summary: The land of Oz is determined to get everything back to the way it used to be. In every way.

You're not serious.Collapse )


Thanks to lionille for the heads-up, seems that LJ is sweeping up inactive accounts and as it's been a while since anything was said on this thing, HERE IS A THING!

RECS: TEXTS FROM OZ - one of kseda's awesome projects. I adore it and it makes me giggle endlessly.
Planetarium Hill (part 1) by Lionille. I know this is made of awesome and I cannot wait to read the whole thing when it's posted!!!!
And finally, THE GRILLED CHEESE ACADEMY - Because. Grilled cheese.



Yeah, haven't watched it yet. But good news! David Hewlett shared a link! I love that man...

We Watched It For You: Morlocks, a SyFy Original Movie

This looks even better (read:HIDEOUSLY WORSE) than expected!


Why David Hewlett and Robert Picardo can't stop laughing

If only because this line in the article: "...and what might happen if they got married to each other."


I have no real appropriate icon

My (Anndie) father passed away this morning from a heart attack. It was fairly quick, and unexpected. I know none of you on here have met my dad, but I felt that you needed to know. I know no details about travel, etc but will try to keep you posted.

Glitch 2.0?

So, we're watching the Toy Story movies on ABC Family tonight (nothing else on), and I keep seeing previews for a new show on ABC (or possibly ABC family, it's not clear) starting in October. I noticed something in all the previews that looked very, very familiar.

Check out the preview video on this website and tell me if you're seeing what I"m seeing - the black clad, black haired sword fighting figure approx. 1:35 in.


Is there something about his head that is familiar?


Making of Tin Man on iTunes - free!

I was playing around on iTunes and found 5 podcast episodes of the Making of Tin Man that can be downloaded free. Which of course I'm doing. *grin* Of course, they're probably the same ones that were on the DVD set. But hey - they're free and they're on my computer. Insta-Tin Man love!


"Wizard of OZ" costumes auctioned today

Today is the big Debbie Reynolds collection auction up in Beverly Hills (run by Profiles in History, the company featured in the SyFy channel show "Hollywood Treasures"). You can watch the auction live online here: http://www.icollector.com/Debbie-Reynolds-The-Auction_as20092, click on the "Live Now" flashing button on the right side. Included in the auction were three "Wizard of OZ" items:

Dorothy's blue dress/ivory blouse from the first two weeks of production (screen testing):
- Starting price: $60,000
- SOLD FOR: $910,000 (with commission, the buyer paid $1,120,000)

Original Arabian-style ruby slippers (screen test), changed when the original director left:
- Starting price: $120,000
- SOLD FOR: $510,000 (with commission, the buyer paid $627,000)

Ozmite emerald green uniform jacket:
- Starting price: $8,000
- SOLD FOR: $22,5000 (with commission, the buyer paid $27,700)

Guess it's still popular, huh? *gapes*



So, today was one of the incredibly-hard-to-get-tickets-for concerts put on by our radio station - the KROQ Weenie Roast (an annual event). This is the first year we've been able to snag tickets and oh, holy HELL was it WORTH IT.

For a mere $45 per ticket, the two of us saw these scheduled bands: Face to Face, A Day To Remember, Cage the Elephant, Bad Religion, The Strokes, Rise Against, and Linkin Park.

That alone was *insanely* worth the cost. Duh. (The last five are among my all-time favorite bands). There were several smaller bands playing on a secondary stage earlier in the day but we didn't go see them.

So, you'd think that those bands would be enough? Apparently not. Because Rise Against ended at 9 and Linkin Park wasn't scheduled until 9:30. So, we're thinking, a little intermission? We turn to head to a different section (we were on the lawn seating, no assigned seats). Then we hear this very familiar thumping coming from the dark stage. I looked at Anndie and said, "That's not Linkin Park." We both squinted and screamed something obscene.


Yeah. So, Foo Fighters were a surprise guest and played for over an hour. It was beyond amazing. Because seriously? FOO FIGHTERS.



The Mumford & Sons concert last night was absolutely AMAZING. I adore that band to an obscene degree, even more so now having seen them live.

We went to the Railroad Revival Tour stop in San Pedro - literally, there are three bands (M&S, plus Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Old Crowe Medicine Show) traveling the country on a train. At various places along the train tracks, they stop and have a concert. The one we went to was in Ports o' Call (Long Beach shipping ports) and the stage was set up in a parking lot. It was a huge mass of humanity and beer and pot smoke - but despite that, it was incredible. The music from all the groups was fantastic and Mumford was just ~glorious~.

I cannot WAIT to get my new computer and vidding program and go NUTs with their songs and Tin Man. I've already go the two previously mentioned ones planned, and now Anndie wants me to do "Home" by Edward Sharpe et al. as a Tin Man vid, too.

We are pleased. ~*~squee~*~. Can't wait to see them again! *keeps an eye on concert calendars*


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