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Drabble: Forget This Happened (tinman100)

(Drabble 4 of 4 for tinman100 Challenge 24 - "Cabin")

Title: Forget This Happened
Word Count: 532
Characters: Jeb/Raw, Wyatt/Glitch
Rating: G
Note: I blame kseda and this image.

Jeb reached the top of the stairs, heading for the modest apartment he shared with Raw in the south wing of the palace. The winter had been long and boring and a storm that had lasted for nearly a week so far was keeping the occupants stuck indoors for the duration. It was getting harder and harder for Raw to make it to meals on time; it was making Jeb start to wonder if Viewers tended to hibernate.

There was a soft, uneven shuffling sound coming from down the corridor, giving Jeb pause. He tilted his head, listening closely, until he realized it was getting louder very quickly.

Before Jeb could figure it out, he was shocked to see an unidentifiable flash of movement come around the corner. It disappeared too quickly for him to classify but then the shuffling sound was upon him.

Raw came flying around the corner, faster than Jeb had ever seen him move. His leather-clad feet slipped on the slick, smooth marble and before he could catch himself, Raw had landed flat on his backside, legs sprawled out in front of him and arms just barely catching behind him to keep from going completely horizontal.

Jeb stood in stunned silence for several seconds before he gave a choked snort. Quickly covering his mouth with one hand, he tried to smother his mirth. “Oh, honey...”

As Jeb knelt next to Raw to check him for injuries, besides that of his pride, another set of footsteps came from another hallway. Looking up, Jeb saw his father and Glitch walking their way, no doubt on their way to dinner as well. They both stopped when they saw Jeb and Raw on the floor. “Everything okay?” Wyatt asked, eyeing them both thoroughly.

“I think so,” Jeb answered, smoothing Raw’s hair tenderly. “What were you doing, anyway? Looked like you had Papay on your tail.”

Raw flushed with humiliation and buried his face in Jeb’s shoulder. Jeb leaned in close, trying to catch the whispered reply. After a moment, Jeb lost what little control he had gained over his amusement. Raw grunted and pushed Jeb onto his butt, where Jeb proceeded to roll on the floor laughing.

“What is going on?” Glitch asked, his own lips twitching into a confused smile.

“He – he was – “ Jeb tried to answer but couldn’t breathe, let alone speak.

“Saw a mouse,” Raw finally admitted, head hanging down.

Wyatt took that into consideration. “You...were chasing a mouse,” he managed to utter, clearing his throat.

Raw glared at him, daring him to say another word.

Jeb sat up and wiped the tears from his cheeks, recovering from his fit. “Oh, gods,” he sighed, a lingering chuckle escaping. “I think you’ve got a case of cabin fever, sweetie,” he told Raw solemnly. He stood up, holding a hand out to help Raw. “Come on, you’re clearly very ill. I’ll bring you dinner in bed, how does that sound?”

Accepting the hand up, Raw mumbled something that Wyatt and Glitch didn’t catch. As they watched Jeb and Raw walk together toward their abode, they could have sworn they saw Raw turn back and stick his tongue out at them.