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Fic: Liquid Courage

Title: Liquid Courage
Rating: NC-a lot.
Characters: Glitch/Cain, DG
Summary: Glitch gets up the nerve while holiday festivities are going on. Complete and total porn ensues.

Eyes slowly uncrossing, breath coming in sharp, short pants, and feeling returning to his extremities, Glitch felt more than heard the long, low groan that erupted from deep in his throat. “Wow.”

“Yeah,” another voice came from somewhere below and Glitch struggled to lift his head, managing just long enough to spot the back of a close-cropped blond head before his own fell back to the pillow.

With a satisfied humming sigh, he closed his eyes and grinned to himself. He moved to brush the hair from his forehead but found his arm was caught, hearing a slight metal clank. That’s when he remembered the handcuffs. His grin widened and he heard Cain chuckle against his chest.


The festive evening had started innocently enough. Small, meaningful gifts were exchanged and an early dinner was shared by the close group of family and friends. Glitch spent the day shooting surreptitious glances Cain’s way, smiling to himself at the way Cain gave a warm laugh now and again, at how Cain easily embraced those who offered. Wishing he had the nerve to offer himself as easily as the others did.

That was when DG handed him a glass of cold, thick, milky beverage. “What’s this?”

“Eggnog,” she replied cheerfully, lifting her own glass and taking a sip. She gave him a wink. “You look like you could use a little liquid courage.”

By now used to DG’s non-sequiturs, he merely shrugged and took a deep pull. It took his breath away and he battled the drink for a moment before he could see straight. “Wow,” he wheezed, coughing lightly. “It’s...something.”

“That it is,” DG grinned and sauntered off with a hopping step.

Shaking his head at the odd encounter, Glitch took another drink and made a happy sound at the smoother result.


Warm and pleased and feeling far more confident, Glitch set down his empty glass and made a slightly unsteady beeline toward Cain. Deciding that the direct approach may just be what was called for, he tapped Cain on the shoulder, drawing his attention away from the conversation with DG.

When Cain turned and raised his eyebrows in question, Glitch found all of his previous hesitation dissolve. He simply placed his hands on Cain’s face and pulled him in for a deep, clumsy kiss.

A nearby cough brought Glitch back from the brink of rapture and he reluctantly broke off the kiss. He just caught sight of Cain’s perplexed and stunned expression while turning to face DG. “Yes?”

DG muffled her snicker in her hand and pointed up at the sprig of mistletoe, hanging in a doorway a good ten feet away. “You’re supposed to do that over there.”

Glitch pursed his lips and glared at both the mistletoe and DG. “No dead branch is going to tell me where I get to kiss Cain.” He pointed directly at said branch, addressing it. “Screw you, dead branch.”

“Um, Glitch?” Cain finally spoke up. “Was there something you wanted to tell me?”

“Oh!” Glitch turned back and grinned merrily. “Yes! I kind of love you. A lot.”

“Oh,” Cain’s eyes went wide and he seemed to stop breathing. “Well, then.”

Glitch felt his confidence slipping as he came down from the rush of daring. “Oh,” he took a step back, cheeks hot as he dropped his head down to avoid seeing the rejection in Cain’s eyes. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed...”

“No!” Cain reached out and caught Glitch’s shoulder then let his hand slip around to the nape of Glitch’s neck. His thumb dug in gently. “Come here,” he said softly, pulling Glitch out into the empty corridor. “I’m sorry, I just wasn’t expecting you to...you know. But I’m glad you did. Saved me from having to make the first move.”

Glitch looked up sharply, searching Cain’s face for a moment before relaxing with a quick release of the breath he held. “So, you’re...really? With me?”

“Yeah, really. With you,” Cain nodded slowly, moving closer to return the kiss they shared earlier with a slow, passionate one of his own.

It was Glitch who pulled away first, with a nip of Cain’s bottom lip. “Can we go upstairs now?”

“Yes, please,” Cain laughed breathlessly and together, they hurried for the ornate staircase.


Their clothes barely made it past the door into the room with them, though Cain had enough functioning brain cells left to lock it. He pushed Glitch up against the wall next to the open frame leading to Cain’s bedroom, capturing Glitch’s mouth hungrily as he used fumbling, impatient fingers to divest Glitch of his pants. When they caught at Glitch’s ankles, Cain slid to his knees and removed Glitch’s shoes, taking advantage of his position to mouth at the hardness pressing firmly against the barrier of Glitch’s underwear. There was a distant thump and he looked up to see Glitch had dropped his head back against the wall.

They stumbled and kissed and wrestled their way onto the bed, blissfully naked and beyond ready. Cain tackled Glitch to the bed, pushing long, thin arms up over Glitch’s head and holding them there as he nipped and sucked at Glitch’s exposed throat. The sounds Glitch made pushed Cain into a frenzy and he drew back to calm himself. He moved up and tasted Glitch’s lips, barely touching them with his own.

“Please, please, please,” Glitch said over and over, until Cain thumped him on the head lightly. “Thank you. Can we have sex now?”

“Working on it,” Cain dipped his head and mouthed Glitch’s jaw for a moment before letting his weight rest on Glitch so he could reach over to the bedside drawer. Finding the bottle of oil he had purchased in one of his more hopeful moods, he made quick work of wetting his fingers and pushing them, one then two then three, into Glitch’s body. The hot, tight feel of it made Cain whimper in anticipation and he had to still his movements to draw himself back from the edge again.

When he finally opened his eyes again and took in the sight before him, the way Glitch was spread out and panting and as debauched as could be, Cain wondered insanely just how he had gotten this lucky. It was the best gift he had gotten on this day of festivities in a very long time.

Dropping the bottle back into the open drawer, Cain heard the click of metal and he looked over, spotting the set of spare handcuffs he stored there. Then he looked back at Glitch and realized that one touch from those long fingers would set him off like nothing else, Cain reached over and picked up the cuffs, knowing the keys were in the drawer as well.

“Cain?” Glitch looked up at him, questioning.

“It’s for both our good,” Cain replied. “Just one, just so I can last more than a few seconds.”

Glitch squirmed and grinned, lifting his right and up and letting Cain cuff him to the headboard. With one hand still free, he had enough freedom to touch without overwhelming Cain with stimulation. Glitch pulled his knees up and back, his offer clear.

Cain dragged himself up with agonizing slowness, kissing his way up Glitch’s chest until he was covering the body under him. He slipped one hand down between them, guiding himself into the tight heat he had felt earlier and with a slow push, he was buried deep inside.

“By the gods,” Glitch gasped, shaking with need and want and everything he had felt up until this moment was like nothing compared to the reality of what he had now. He drew a trembling breath and draped his free arm around Cain’s shoulders, pulling him close and kissing him hard. “Move,” he commanded in a low voice.

And with that one, simple word, Cain was lost. He braced his hands on either side of Glitch’s shoulders and began to thrust hard and fast, the force of each plunge pushing them both closer to the white-hot oblivious they sought.

Glitch gripped the headboard with his cuffed hand for added leverage, giving as good as he got until he felt the sharp tingle of release aching in his belly. “Need – please - now,” he panted between thrusts. His request was apparently clear enough because he felt Cain’s body shift closer and a hot, slick hand wrap around his cock. Glitch threw his head back and howled with it, his whole body wracked with orgasm.

There was a deep, vibrating groan above him and a final deep push, hot warmth flooding his core as Cain came. Glitch found the power to stroke Cain’s back with his hand, soothing him through the tremors and reveling in what he had done to Cain.


Cain finally lifted his head at the sound of the cuff rattling, managing to drag himself up to kiss Glitch’s swollen lips. “Want me to take those off now?”

“Nah,” Glitch smirked and slid his hand down Cain’s back to rest on his ass. “We’d just have to put them back on for round two.”





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Dec. 26th, 2009 03:32 am (UTC)
....I can't even dig up the macro. Just 0.0

AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT, good gravy. Thanks for that!
Jan. 5th, 2010 03:47 am (UTC)
Guess I should say thanks, huh? *snort*

*glomps and twirls happily* PORN ARE GOOD. \o/
Dec. 26th, 2009 04:06 pm (UTC)
-hums happily- Well that was just the icing on the cake of an awesome Christmas.

“Screw you, dead branch.”

I flat out giggled.
Jan. 5th, 2010 03:48 am (UTC)
Hehehee! Thanks so much for the love! :D

(Sorry it took so long to reply - I have no excuse other than being lazy!)
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