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*sigh* SGAngst

Stargate Atlantis is just not the fandom to be in to remain spoiler-free. So far, so good - but it is becoming increasingly difficult. People are posting vids, fics, etc that look very interesting but contain spoilers. Worse yet, in the last couple of days 2 fics have been posted that don't have spoilers, until you click on them and the authors notes say something like "I wrote this before such-and-such episode, so they stole my idea/line/etc." That just annoys me (Surreal), because yeah, you don't actually have spoilers, but by SAYING THAT, you have spoiled it for me so I won't read it. Gah. Yes, I find it fun and amusing to find fanfic-like ideas in the episodes that air, but when the author points it out ahead of time before the episodes airs in our market, then it is just sad.


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Nov. 30th, 2006 07:47 pm (UTC)
You know I've been watching...
*hugs* And I respect you, but did you honestly expect more from the teenie squeeing masses? Come on, baby. *hugs*
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