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Not MST3K, but just as good

Mike Nelson (aka MST3K Mike) has a new project, RiffTrax. Simply, they are audio tracks that you can line up with movies to have additional commentary. There are some true gems in there. So far, we have downloaded SW: TPM, LOTR, Fifth Element, and ST5: The Final Frontier. Last night we watched TPM. Unfortunately, we have the VHS (huh?) rather than the DVD, so we had to adjust the audio a few times. But it was a great experience.

Surr says the best line ever in it was the guys to Jar Jar Binks - "Would you just so completely shut up?" There were many many lines in there, and so worth the $3 purchase price for 2.5 hours of someone actually saying the thoughts that were going through your mind when you originally paid $5-10 to see this in the theater.

Next up, LOTR


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Dec. 4th, 2006 06:31 pm (UTC)
Ooooh. I've got TPM and ST5. I want to get LOTR next,but I'll have to go rent a copy of that, because it's for teh theatrical release, and all I've got is the extended one.

And yes, I loved the Jar Jar bashing too, but I think I like "Yoda's" "Up the hell shut, you will," better. ;)
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