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For those of you wondering where the terror twins are....

So, basically since about 11am on Wednesday, Time Warner Cable has seen fit to not provide us with internet service. Surr told Anndie about it on her way home from school Wednesday afternoon. After multiple times unplugging and resetting, we got nothing. So Anndie calls TWC. They have a recorded message saying that they are aware of an outage in our "area" and are currently working to fix it. This is about 6pm Wed evening.

9:30 rolls around and still nothing. So Anndie calls back. Now, no recorded message so she gets a real person. They unplug, restart, unplug, restart, unplug restart to their hearts content. Still nothing. So she talks to some one else. Rinse, recycle, repeat. After the third time, the real person (someone from the national tech people) says, "I'll transfer you back to a local person to set up a tech visit." Everyone now, sing the hold song.... 15 min later (mind you, this is now about 10:20pm) someone picks up and looks at their schedule for Thursday. Nothing. Friday. Nothing. So they say "we can schedule one in the future, but we don't know when that'll be, or you can just call back tomorrow if it's still not working." We choose option B. Go to our rooms, and find the local channels are really fuzzy and hard to watch. The higher channels are fine, the digital cable is fine. *insert dinosaur sounds here*

Thursday morning - no internet. We hijack a neighbor's internet for the few moments we can. We leave, Surr returns home about 3pm. No internet. She calls TWC. They have no report of an outage, and want her to unplug, restart, repeat. She does this for a while, until she gets to the national tech people who tell her that there are reports of outages in the area, but that's all they know. That's it. No appointments, nothing. So we spend the rest of Thursday night trying to hijack someone else's internet. Go to our rooms, still fuzzy channels. *insert mass of dino sounds here*

Friday morning - Anndie by this time is pissed off at them. They have no idea what is going on, and have not restored the internet. So (while driving to work) she calls TWC. Goes through their automated crap (which tells that if you have any questions, please check their website at www.timewarnercable.com) and gets to a person.
The person asks "how can I assist you today"
Anndie: "I'm calling to check on the status of an outage."
Really nice person: "How long have you experienced an outage?"
Anndie: "About 2 days."
Woman: "Really? That's not good."
Anndie: "Not really. And I've tried restarting the modem and the computers. All of them."
Woman: *giggles* "I take it you've called before?"

From there the conversation went ok. She can't find any report of an outage, but seeing as how she's had calls from other people in our area (which I'm not sure if its OC or LA, or SoCal) she thinks there's something wrong. So she sets up an appointment for a tech to come out.


Yes ladies and gentlemen, that would be Tuesday May 15th. About 6 days from the time we lost internet. She said there's a good chance it could be sooner, that someone will call and let Anndie know.

Oh the kicker is that she's crediting the account $7.15 or something. Anndie asked her if she could just remove a leg and give her the cable back. *has angry Czech words coming out of her mouth*

So, we're not dead. We're trying to steal other networks around us (damn you with WEP!) or visit school or the mini office thingy at our complex in order to get online.