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Talk about small worlds

So we're hanging out in Burbank this weekend (should we just move there?) at the combo SG/Battlestar convention(s). (Two smaller, concurrent cons are at the same convention space.)

Surr's hanging out in the Battlestar room, watching the guest Kate Vernon on stage. She's scanning around and sees a woman at the mic to ask a question. First thought - "that looks like Kate. But Kate? here without saying anything? nah." Then the woman speaks with her unmistakable "I'm from Texas" accent. Surr now realizes that this is our one and only Kate from Texas with the curly red hair, etc. So Kate takes her seat, and Surr attacks from behind. They do their thing, and then Surr does the only thing she can think of - send Kate after Anndie who was working on the Stargate side of the con.

Anndie's helping out with the auction (really just sitting there going "do I need x? can i afford x? what is the highest price i would be willing to pay for x?" and sets her limit at $35. so far - nothing.) This woman walks into the room and starts heading down the front. Anndie spots her, does a "hmmm, that looks like..." and about the time she realizes who it is, has been glomped by Kate.

So really people, if you're EVER planning on being in SoCal, do let us know. This whole ambush plan? Kinda fun, but it so limits the time we have together.