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Tin Man

Just watched our recorded copy of the mini-series "Tin Man."

I will admit, my original reason for looking forward to this was for Callum Keith Rennie. People have been posting their thoughts about the series the last few days, and most reactions that I've seen have been negative.

Even going in with an agenda (lusting after CKR, even though he was a big baddy), I loved this, I really did. Yes, I've seen the original Wizard of Oz. But the feel of this, I thought, was must more inspired by the later sequel, "Return to Oz," that came out in the 1980's. I saw that one when I was little, and it was extremely disturbing and gave me nightmares for years. The imagery, the characters, and the way it told the story was so much darker and psychological than the original movie. "Tin Man" reminded me of that sequel in the way it told the story, and despite the way "Return to Oz" bothered me as a kid, I found the way "Tin Man" was told to be much more emotionally moving than the sickly sweet "Wizard of Oz."

CKR was, as expected, utterly fantastic. His character, Zero, was amazing, and the depth they gave him and his relationship with Cain (the Tin Man) was intriguing. I loved all of the main characters and the way they were interpreted in their actions and abilities. The relationship between Glitch and Cain was beautifully done, both in writing and acting - it was easily led to slashing them (which has led to a big burst of fic for those two) - they kept it subtle but touching, with little moments that slashers keep an eye out for. Glitch finding Cain frozen on the lake and nursing him back to health in the little wagon. Glitch picking up Cain's hat, brushing it off carefully before handing it back. Of course, this all led up to the "cha-ching" slash moment, when Cain slapped Glitch awake and said "Good morning, sweetheart!"

The ending, of course, was a bit abrupt but it was natural for the focus of the story. I would have loved to see Cain go back for Zero and let him free as he promised, but it wasn't necessary for the story. We know he would do it post-canon, because he said on screen that if they survived the fight he would come back for him.

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Dec. 13th, 2007 02:11 am (UTC)
I had a friend of mine record this on his DVR, and I just got it... am part way through the first of three chapters.

I agree, it's a fascinating watch. Much better than I originally thought it was going to be, I was this > < close to not having my friend record it, due to only marginal interest... but so far I'm glad I did. :)
Dec. 13th, 2007 06:21 am (UTC)
have you seen the Cain/Zero slash yet? :)
Dec. 13th, 2007 06:37 am (UTC)
A touch of it, yes. *grin* I was expecting it. But...I'm totally in love with Glitch/Cain. I can't help it, he called him "sweetheart!" Cain/Zero has so much baggage - it would be more appealing post-mini-series, after he goes for Zero. If they do get to continue with a sequel or a full series, it will be interesting to see where that relationship goes. But only of Callum stays as Zero...man, was he amazing. Yeah...I watched the whole thing again today. Still had that RayK moment when he was fighting Cain in the ice palace - "Kick 'em in the head!"

(needs to get the other owner of this journal to put the Due South icons back up...don't have any CKR to look at! Also need to snag some of those Tin Man icons that are popping up.)
Dec. 13th, 2007 06:45 am (UTC)
i think the casting [for the males, at least] was spot-on. i can see how G/C would be so easy to fall in love with.... but i like my slash angsty and mean, and with Callum, so its a simple choice for me *g*

woooo hooo RayK!!! *loves*
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