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Fangoria - by Surreal

So, I (alone, Anndie was a wimp and didn't come) worked the Fangoria convention at LA Con. Center this weekend. Translation: I was the volunteer supervisor, gave up 36 hours of my life over 3 days. For those not familiar with Fangoria - it's horror (specifically, a horror magazine that's been around for quite a while, I guess). Overall, I'm glad I went. It was INSANE in the busy sense - literally hundreds of actors, producers, writers, directors, screamers, models, composers, and all the possible combinations of friends/family/publicists/managers they have in their entourage.

Notable people I was lucky enough to talk to over the weekend: Corbin Bernsen (MASSIVE SQUEE!!! He was SO nice, so funny, and he signed my volunteer badge!), Patricia Tallman (she said I was adorable and petted my sparkly shirt), Tony Todd (I adored this man, he made me laugh so hard), Ken Foree, Clive Barker, Angus Scrimm, Joe Dante, Ray Wise, Shawn Roberts, some cast members from a new show called "Moonlight" that I don't watch (Alex O'Loughlin, Sophia Myles, and Jason Dohring), and *dramatic pause* GEORGE A. ROMERO. Seriously, I can't believe I have the privilege of saying I've talked to this man (along with a TON of others - 40th anniv. of "Night of the Living Dead" reunion).

Needless to say, I also met/worked with dozens more, people involved in specific movie projects, and anyone curious who reads this can just ask and I'll be happy to reply in more detail.


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May. 1st, 2008 02:38 am (UTC)
I am so green green green
okay, I want to know everything that happened, right now
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