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We need a banner!

Anyone love us enough to make a pretty, shiny banner for our new layout, or know someone who would? Surreal would, of course, love a Tin Man banner, but Anndie insists on a multi-fandom one (Tin Man, SGA, SG1, Due South, Psych, Buffy and Angel (the series, not the characters), Lone Gunmen, Fastlane, Star Trek DS9, etc etc....).

My god...we have too many fandoms. Is it sad that the few above barely touches the actual list? I think we'd be happy with only a few select ones on a banner - Tin Man (Glitch/Cain), SGA (John/Rodney), Due South (Fraser/RayK), Psych (Shawn/Lassiter or Shawn/Gus). I'll be happy to find and hand over pictures to use, as well as quote selection or simple words to put on it if needed.

Depending on if anyone is willing, and which fandom you're from - I'm willing to write fic or make a vid in payment!

ETA: Anndie would be happy with a Tin Man banner, but feels that the wealth should be spread around since the twins read most things, but only one twin writes in one fandom. Anndie would also be willing to offer services in payment, but her's are more likely to be cookies or nuts.