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I know, I know...as if I don't post enough Tin Man fic as it is, now I'm begging my flisters to motivate me to actually get off my ass and work on these plot bunnies that are punching me in the neck. Below is a mix of rambling ideas, brainstorms, notes and questions.

1. A while ago, I posted a poll on some fic ideas and the runner up got enough votes that I said I would write it as well. Well, that hasn't even gotten off the ground yet. The idea was a fear-of-heights fic in which Glitch has to rescue Cain, who for some reason has gotten himself stuck dangling from a balcony. I've yet to come up with a realistic situation in which this would be plausible. The best I came up with in an odd moment was that they were living at the Northern Palace in winter and Cain had the urge to clean the gutters of the frozen ice blocking them. At some point he is doing this from the balcony in the room he shares with Glitch, who is sitting on the bed and mocking him, while wrapped in blankets and complaining about the open door. There is thick ice/snow buildup on side of the building (which we see in the series) and a chunk of it breaks off under Cain's weight and he barely has time to grab one of the rails. Then it's Glitch to the reluctant rescue. Questions: Is this even plausible? Does it matter, so long as there's angst and comfort?

2. lionille mentioned a desire for some chicken pox-type fic. My brain, naturally, went from that simple concept to Glitch having hallucinations and thinking he's being held prisoner, snagging Cain's gun while he's not looking and jumping from the balcony of his room. Cain freaks out, runs downstairs (grabbing Ahamo on the way to help) and finds Glitch outside in the snow, clearly injured but scared, trying to hold them off with the gun. The cold finally gets through his fever-haze and he remembers what's going on. Cain and Ahamo get him inside and send for the doctor, who is Not Pleased that Cain let such a thing happen. Glitch ends up with bad bruises and a broken leg that the doctor sets in a cast since they aren't any Viewers nearby to fix it. Lots of Glitch pouting and trying to scratch the pox under the cast in increasingly creative ways.
Reasoning for convenient things: Bad storm has everyone snowed in (roads not safe to travel), Raw is in town helping at a clinic that is overflowing with storm-related injuries.
Questions: Seriously - is this just taking a nice, short story idea ("Glitch gets a childhood disease that he never got before because he grew up in the Palace, secluded from other children and their illnesses") and using it as an excuse to go nuts with the Glitch torture?

3. I'm fairly certain several people have asked me for drabble continuations or some such things that I've long since forgotten. Anyone around here know of any? 'Tis a hazard of tossing out far too much fic in a short time.

4. I've been having extremely disturbing thoughts that a Fantastic Foursome might be fun (as in, Glitch/Cain/Raw/DG). Someone just SHOOT ME for even having thought it. Please.

5. There's an ever-growing list of "What If?" ideas - basically, a bunch of small details that could be changed within the context of the series along the same lines as that "Reversal" fic where it was Glitch who fell out the window. Things like "What if they had found Glitch somewhere else during the journey, like in the Underground?" or "What if Az had taken Glitch and DG instead of Raw and DG back to the Tower, leaving Raw to save Cain from hypothermia and Glitch in the hands of the Alchemists again?" Stuff like that. Should I post them as a challenge for other writers to grab? 'Cause I know I won't ever get to them all.

ETA: 6. Glitch and Cain as CATS! Cain is a smoky gray farm cat who is an expert at catching mice and bugs. One day he meets an odd little black-and-white cat with a fancy collar who has run away from the Palace, frightened of the changes happening. Adventures ensue. Glitch chases both of their tails constantly and is confused when he catches them. At some point there is a dog chase up a tree involved and Cain comes to the rescue.

Feel free to help, if you have a moment! *eyes all the Tin Man folks on the flist*


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Jul. 28th, 2008 05:31 am (UTC)
woot - it's like a big glorious Glitchapalooza over here!

1. Questions: Is this even plausible?
Does it matter, so long as there's angst and comfort?

2. Lots of Glitch pouting and trying to scratch the pox under the cast in increasingly creative ways.
*cries with laughter* At your phrasing, I mean, not Glitch's dilemma. I love the idea of Glitch out-of-his-mind with fever and holding Cain off with his own gun. And the unamused doctor... rofl!

3. Don't know about drabbles. There was a certain fan-vid *coughs delicately* but I absolve you from worrying about it because after I made a ten second slideshow in WMM I realized how much freaking WORK it is. Maybe I'll do it someday after I figure out how to manuever moving clips.

4. I like the way your mind works. Maybe this should disturb me. But it doesn't. At all.

5. Your what-if scenarios are fantastically intriguing, but oh, the one of Glitch with the alchemists is TOO horrible to contemplate. Do it. Raw saving Cain from hypothermia is a riot, though! God knows he could do it with all that fur!!!! :D
Jul. 28th, 2008 05:42 am (UTC)
1. Check - Good to know.

2. *snort* That's what happens when I start rambling...most of that stuff appeared out of nowhere while I was typing up the basic story concept. :D

3. It's been in the back of my mind - I've got a ton of the clips already on my 'puter (I grabbed them while I was going through the series making the other two vids) and I still have your notes. I just need to download the song and start making it!

4. *headdesk* We'll leave that for someone else. Yes, that's it...we'll go leave it on another writer's doorstep, like a flaming bag of crap.

5. Fur - HAHA!! Oh, that's brilliant. I can just see Cain waking, then slowly reaching up and pulling a stray fur from his mouth...his eye kinda twitches and he clearly does NOT want to know. *howls* Thanks for that! But yes - the idea of Glitch in their custody is just...*shudder* He would be so traumatized.
Jul. 28th, 2008 05:59 am (UTC)
1. ^^
2. I should have said 'Glitch out-of-his-half-a-mind with fever'.
3. This cheers me! Feel free to pare it down, though, I think there were eleven hundred scenes in those notes!
4. *cackles* Now, now, you'll never get it done that way. "Cute lil plot bunny for adoption" would work much better. Or I'll ring the doorbell and we can run like maniacs.
5. He would be traumatized, but DG would save him and then when Cain and Raw show up dressed as Longcoats he would get to go, "Cain, you're alive!" and throw himself in Cain's arms. ;) And of course instead of standing there like an idiot Cain would hug him back.
Jul. 28th, 2008 06:07 am (UTC)
1. \o/
2. Ah, yes - good point, I shall not forget it! *makes a note to use that*
3. It shall be awesome!
4. I'm partial to option #2, the running one.
5. YES! YES YES YES!!! That is EXACTLY what needs to happen. But then Raw might end up getting the wrench upside the head in this case...he might be a disgruntled Viewer and get lots of love from whoever hits him (hmmm...DG or Glitch...Glitch or DG...) Probably go with DG, so Glitch wouldn't be distracted by guilt and miss the lovely opportunity for Cain Comfort. :D
Jul. 28th, 2008 11:46 pm (UTC)
#5 "Nice to see you too zipperhead" is required for where that's going.
Jul. 28th, 2008 05:33 am (UTC)
Oh, and you mentioned something to me about Glitch and Cain as cats....
Jul. 28th, 2008 05:43 am (UTC)
*FLAIL!* See? That's why I made this post - I KNEW I'd forget things like that! THANKS! *adds it to the bunny pile*
Jul. 28th, 2008 11:44 pm (UTC)
Questions: Is this even plausible?

Yes but it'd be more dramatic if the balcony itself were falling, I don't know what from but the situation would be tense for one Glitch's fear of heights and two the balcony could fall with the added weight.

Questions: Seriously - is this just taking a nice, short story idea

Yes. Totally cute though.

Someone just SHOOT ME for even having thought it. Please

-steals Cain's gun, cock's it and then fires at Surreal-

"What if they had found Glitch somewhere else during the journey, like in the Underground?" or "What if Az had taken Glitch and DG instead of Raw and DG back to the Tower, leaving Raw to save Cain from hypothermia and Glitch in the hands of the Alchemists again?"

1. Only if he's wearing something skippier that make the kiddies drool when they find him. Maybe he has a connection to Ahamo... no wait Ahamo would know it was Ambro--... oh that could be an awesome twist! Ahamo was trying to protect him!

2. Angst, angst, angst! You gotta love it.

Oh and I think a couple of people have already done the Glitch falling out the window.

6. Glitch and Cain as CATS!

Ahahahaha! XD -has to wipe tears from eyes- I love it.
Jul. 29th, 2008 12:09 am (UTC)
Thanks for the thoughts! :)
Jul. 29th, 2008 12:50 am (UTC)
Here goes:

Number 1: I think it's a great idea, plausible or not (hey, there's a guy with a zipper on his head, hullooo) Seriously, a good reason for Cain to be on the railing would be if there were huge icicles hanging down over the doorway of the balcony and Cain get's an image of Glitch getting impaled or maybe it almost happens! That would get Cain up on an icy railing for sure (after of course Glitch forbids him to shoot them down) :D

Number 2:I love, love, love this idea, such fuel for good angsty fun! My only suggestion really is that maybe Glitch is not killed in the fall is because of the deep snow. I would love a long angsty fic from this. (chiefly cause I'm such a greedy bit...)

Number 3: Let me think about that....

Number 4: Bang! I think I'd like it if were done right and if the were all suitably horrified the morning after....

Number 5: Great challenge idea but couldn't you please, please write the one with finding Glitch in the underground...or if it's a challenge I might have to, I just got the strongest image of Glitch running a three card Monty table....

Number 6: Glitch and Cain as cats.....let's just say they can both sit on my lap :D
Jul. 29th, 2008 12:58 am (UTC)
*HUGS!* I love your angles on these things, it gives me better ideas on keeping the situations realistic. Thanks so much!!
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