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Disneyland Gay Days!

Gay Days Disneyland schedule.

Anyone on the flist going? The first weekend of October. It's AWESOME GOOD TIMES and I'll be there again with my red shirt and rainbow Mickey head pin. *\o/*

My favorite part is counting how many pretty twinks are running around wearing red shirts that say "You must be this tall to ride..." with an arrow pointing to their crotch. Fantastic! :D


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Aug. 21st, 2008 01:08 am (UTC)
I've never heard of this! But it sounds like fabulous fun... *kicks a stone* Shucks, wish I could go...
Aug. 21st, 2008 01:12 am (UTC)
*hugs* Me too...it's really fun to go with a group. Nothing better than walking around and seeing a literal sea of red shirts (it's how all the Gay Day participants identify each other)! *grin* So much gay in one place, it's awe-inspiring.

Aug. 21st, 2008 01:16 am (UTC)
Hahahha... My workplace was beginning to get like that. "You're gay? Wow, me too! Let's talk about gay things!" Coming from a tiny town that's not this big booming metropolis (of crap) that I live in now, it's like looking around and going, "Wow, they really do exist!" It is awe-inspiring, with a dish on the side filled with contentment.
Aug. 21st, 2008 01:21 am (UTC)
:D Sounds like me back in Oregon, when I was volunteering at the campus LGBTQ office. That whole "OMG, I love you people for hanging out all night mocking bad Eastern European gay porn while knitting rainbow scarves!" Though I have to admit, back there we had a more diverse and colorful group than the few I've seen down here. *shrug* We work with what we get!
Aug. 21st, 2008 01:32 am (UTC)
I may be straight but man oh man I wish I could go. I'd bring my friend Jamie and Andy and anyone else I could convince to come XD Jamie would prolly have a meltdown pointing out all the gay boys. Poor boy, maybe he could finally find a boyfriend. Not much luck in that area at a private Christian college. >.>

Neway! If we were on fall break I'd def. try to make it but sadly fall break is not until two weeks after that.

Take some amazing pics!
Aug. 21st, 2008 01:35 am (UTC)
Aww...*pout* S'okay, I'll try to take lots of pics! :D It's fun no matter which way you swing, because it's more about the atmosphere. Anyone who is queer-friendly has a lot of fun just being around that kind of gathering!
Aug. 21st, 2008 03:06 am (UTC)
I bet! I know Jamie and I have a lot of fun when we're away from campus together. He amuses me to no end.
Aug. 21st, 2008 07:19 pm (UTC)
Ha, I didn't know you went, I have been going with my friend Rocky for *years* now! He just broke up with his steady BF of 6.5 years so I need to help him find a new boy.

See you there!
Aug. 21st, 2008 09:28 pm (UTC)
Well DUH! *grin* We forgot last year, but went the first year we moved down here. I was counting on you being there with us! :D
Aug. 22nd, 2008 01:17 am (UTC)
Wish I could go! My Sweetie and I would be decked out in red! I bet it's blast, we are a fun group when you put lots of us together, LOL.

Aug. 22nd, 2008 01:22 am (UTC)
*hugs and grins* You'll be there in spirit, I'm sure! :D
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