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Tin Man fic: Perceptible - Chapter 9/10

SMUT. You've been warned.

Title: Perceptible - 9 of 10
Author: Surreal
Rating: Overall NC-17, just to be safe.
Characters/Pairing: Raw/Jeb, Glitch/Cain, plus lots of other characters
Word count this chapter: ~1300
Disclaimer: The characters and settings belong to L. Frank Baum and the creative minds behind Tin Man. I do not claim to own anything.
Summary: Jeb Cain has found someone who sees him for who he is, for what he needs, for the first time in his life. He can’t quite believe that it’s that easy.
A/N: Entire story uses magic4mula 40-word prompt table, 4 prompts per chapter. This chapter: "wall…echo…grace…wash." This story is everything that happens between the two drabbles “Unfamiliar” and “Spring Fever.”



At Jeb and Raw’s request, their formal wedding was a small, private, family affair, presided over by the Queen herself one early evening exactly one annual after their engagement and two annuals after meeting on the battlefield.

Glitch’s smile filled the room as he watched the two of them exchange their vows, standing tall and proud as any parent would be. It was Wyatt, standing at Glitch’s side and holding his hand in a death grip that had to turn his head into Glitch’s shoulder in his struggle to contain the tears that threatened.

“Look,” Glitch’s soft request brought Wyatt’s head up in time to see the final exchange of the white metal rings the couple had chosen. The kiss that followed brought a fragile smile to Wyatt’s face and he ducked his head as he heard the Queen officially present the newly married Jeb Cain and Raw.

The larger reception room next door was soon filled with those who had attended the wedding plus a number of others that lived and worked at the Palace who had befriended them over their time there.

Raw and Jeb made their way around, hands never apart as they accepted well-wishes and congratulations from their friends. As the celebration wound to a natural end, Jeb was leaning heavily against Raw, absorbing the soothing presence as always.

The first they had hugged after the ceremony and last people they said goodbye to after the reception were Wyatt and Glitch.

Jeb held onto his father for a long time, grateful that he had the opportunity to do so on his wedding day, something he never expected until that day in the woods when he saw Wyatt alive and well.

He hugged Glitch next, whispering a thank you into his ear before pulling back.

“What’s that for?” Glitch inquired curiously, tilting his head a bit.

“You’re the one responsible for all this,” Jeb grinned, glancing over to where Wyatt and Raw were talking quietly close by. “You brought Raw to me.”

“Did I? Oh, well,” Glitch smiled at the floor shyly, a blush high on his cheeks. “I’m happy to have helped.”

Jeb leaned in and gave Glitch a peck on the cheek, making Glitch blush deeper.

“All right, you’re a married man now,” Wyatt cut in, voice laced with humor.

Having the grace to look chastised, Jeb stepped back and felt familiar arms wrap around him from behind. Raw purred softly in his ear, more breath than sound. “Getting late.”

“Yeah,” Jeb agreed. He covered one of Raw’s hands with his own, rocking back on his heels slightly. “Ready to go?” A kiss on his ear answered that and Jeb gave a final wave to Wyatt and Glitch before letting himself be led from the room.


Upstairs, dress coats were hung on wall hooks and they took advantage of their oversized facilities by sharing a long, hot shower. Taking the time to wash one another carefully, attentively and with growing playfulness, they finally stepped out and toweled dry before tumbling from the steam-filled room and over to the neatly made bed.

Jeb pulled back the covers, giving them soft sheets on which to explore and touch with abandon. His usually comfortable fooling around held an edge of newness and uncertainty, which Raw immediately sensed, stilling their movements. “Jeb?”

Breathing deeply, Jeb laid back and pulled up his legs, knees high and feet planted, putting little dents in the mattress. He took a moment, gathering his resolve.

Until now, in all the time they had been together, as friends and as intimate partners, they had always been content to pleasure one another with their hands and mouths, sharing their need and learning through mutual study. But Jeb had an old-fashioned mindset when it came to his wedding night. Something that had been on his mind for a long time.

He took one of Raw’s hands, guiding it down between his legs. “I...want...”

Raw’s eyes were wide as he figured out what Jeb was asking. He swallowed thickly, bending down to kiss Jeb deeply, slowly. When Jeb relaxed and the tension flowed from him, Raw pulled up again. There was no need to ask if Jeb was sure, because Raw could feel the certainty in his mate. Instead, he reached across Jeb’s body for the lotion they kept nearby.

Wordlessly, Raw gathered a healthy amount on his fingers before setting it back on the table, giving Jeb one more kiss before moving down his body. Every few inches down Jeb’s chest and stomach were mouthed until Raw reached his groin, where he settled in with long licks and open kisses.

Jeb gave a shaky sigh, his eyes fluttering shut and one hand coming to rest on Raw’s head, where he stroked the long, coarse hair while Raw slowly brought him into hardness with his mouth. There was a warm, slick touch further down and he flinched unintentionally, then relaxed into the first gentle pushes inside. He knew Raw wouldn’t, couldn’t, hurt him; one advantage to marrying a Viewer with unmatched healing skills.

His hand continued the slow, mindless stroking until Raw lifted his head, making Jeb open his eyes. Raw’s eyes were dark, his mouth wet and red from the attention he was giving Jeb’s erection. Jeb realized with an odd start that there were three thick fingers inside him and he hadn’t even noticed.

“Come here,” Jeb beckoned softly, just an echo of apprehension left in his voice.

Raw moved up Jeb’s body and Jeb could just see the other man’s hard cock curved up against his belly and flushed dark. Jeb’s attention was diverted by Raw capturing his mouth once again.

Jeb tilted his body up a bit more, pulling his legs back in invitation. He closed his eyes as Raw mouthed his throat, just over the hard lump in the middle, while Raw’s erection started to push into him. There was a dull ache but no real pain and Jeb knew he had Raw to thank for that. After several agonizingly slow minutes, Raw was fully inside and Jeb couldn’t help but give a giddy, breathless laugh. “So much better than I thought.”

Giving a sensual growl, Raw pulled back and pushed in again, deeper still and Jeb felt him brush up against something that sent him reeling and clawing for something to hold onto. The reality of what they were doing struck him and he finally reached up, pulling Raw’s head down and kissing him senseless. They had been inside each other in other ways for two annuals now, their connection seamless and perfect. But now there was the physical too, the one last missing part of their bond and Jeb was so very grateful now that he had gotten up the nerve to ask.

The steady rocking motion they had fallen into gradually quickened, Jeb’s own whimpers reaching his ears as they grew higher and faster with each thrust. He nearly shouted when Raw’s hand slipped between them and took hold of Jeb’s trapped cock, stroking in time with their rhythm until it became too much, around him and over him and in him.

Jeb moaned through the climax that seemed to last forever, until Raw’s tempo faltered and his own low groans joined Jeb’s.

They spent a long time just laying there together, breathing in tandum and listening to their hearts race. Eventually Raw’s hand rubbed over Jeb’s stomach, wet and slick. Jeb knew it was his own seed and that thought made him moan softly. He felt empty when Raw finally slipped free but then Raw was right there, next to him, half draped on top of him, and kissing the side of his mouth until Jeb sighed and drifted to sleep.


End Chapter 9

Continue to Chapter 10


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Sep. 6th, 2008 09:27 pm (UTC)
'something that sent him reeling and clawing for something to hold onto'

Wow, I know how he feels, that was hot!
Sep. 6th, 2008 11:11 pm (UTC)
*wicked grin* Yay first time...again! :D
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