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Things and stuff

Today in 1993, The X-Files first premiered. What's your favorite episode? Have you ever experienced paranormal activity yourself?
It's a tie between "Three of a Kind" and "First Person Shooter." On the one hand, you've got the boys sharing a hotel room in Vegas. Byers gets touchy-feely with Langly's hair in the hotel lobby then adorably embarrassed when Scully catches him. And there's this: "Byers is trying to kill himself." "Stop trying to kill yourself, Byers, it's not deep enough." Plus, MindControl-Assassin!Langly is just so....*guh*. On the OTHER hand...BOYS IN AN FPS GAME. VR gear and guns and geeking out to the EXTREME...and Byers gets to say "Slay the ninja babe!" and he gets just the tiniest bit of whumping. *wibble*. And how many other episodes have them "getting their ya-yas out"? NONE, I tell you!

In other news...

Am practicing my clarinet. I have way more sheet music and method books than I remember. Blahblahblah classics...my favorite one is still "Adieu" by Harry Bulow. It's modern and just beautiful to play.

Also, I find this website very informative and useful.