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2008 Productivity Meme

Meme stolen from crysothemis - completed by Surreal.

My favorite piece of this year: Perceptible. BECAUSE. I love this story, so much.

My best piece this year: When Wonderland Shatters. Because of the swordplay and Magic Keeper Glitch.

Most fun piece: Tin Man Cantina. Because Raw = a wookie, Zero is Glitch's father and Cain is Long Suffering as Han Solo.

Most sexy piece: Connect. Sometimes the sensual simplicity of it makes it sexy.

Piece with the single sexiest moment: The Most Natural Thing. As kseda put it: "Mmm, growly 'RAWR, MINE!' Glitch, how I love thee." Plus, you can never go wrong with a white dress shirt.

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" piece: A rather dark, upsetting drabble. It's hard to choose, there have been several disturbing drabbles, but this one gets the cake this time.

Piece that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: The Sky Is Over. Ambrose and the Queen were the best of friends, not simply Matriarch and Advisor. There's a special connection there, one that can't be easily defined.

Hardest piece to create: A. Rob Ems' Mechanical Toys. Because giving Glitch that kind of anger, taking him out of the comfort zone of the Palace, took a lot out of me.

Biggest Disappointment: Spring Fever. This may seem an odd choice, but there are two reasons. One - I wrote myself into a corner by having Raw refer to Glitch as "Ambrose;" when I decided to write "Perceptible" (which leads up to this story), Glitch doesn't get his brain back and continues to go by Glitch. Two - there's no reason to cut Raw's hair. Ever.

Biggest Surprise: Unfamiliar. Where the Raw/Jeb 'verse came out of NOWHERE and took hold of my life. Also - this here thing that happened over the summer.

Most Unintentionally Telling piece: Tangible. It wasn't until after it was finished that I realized what the title meant to the story. That their relationship is completely defined by the way they touch, constantly. They don't have to say the words, but every brush of the hand speaks volumes.

Year totals:

50 stories (counting "Common Enemy" as one piece)
154 drabbles (from requests)
3 vids

1 piece of art

Wordcount: I can't even imagine.



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Dec. 28th, 2008 04:39 am (UTC)
To the year "that got eaten by Tin Man"! *raises glass*
Dec. 28th, 2008 04:50 am (UTC)
*grins and raises glass*

It was Glitch that did it. It's ALL his fault.
Dec. 28th, 2008 05:18 am (UTC)
Dec. 28th, 2008 05:48 am (UTC)

...in all his wonderous forms.
Dec. 28th, 2008 04:52 pm (UTC)
OI! That one's mine! *snugs LeFevre*
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