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Drabbles: 3 "Perfect Fit" missing scenes

Title: 3 Missing scenes for "Perfect Fit"
Word Count: 100 each
Characters: Raw/Jeb, Glitch/Wyatt, OCs from that story.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine, but I do make good use of them.
Challenge: tinman100 #21 - "Don't freak out."

Wyatt made Jeb go into Glitch’s lab first, his son nearly bursting with his news. “You’ll never guess the news I’ve got, Glitch,” Jeb beamed proudly.

Glitch stood quickly, an expectant smile on his face. “Well, out with it, then!”

“Okay,” Jeb nodded, rubbing his palms against his thighs. “Now, don’t freak out,” he cautioned. “I’m pregnant!”

“Oh!” Glitch exclaimed, his hand flying up to cover his mouth. “Oh, my! Now that I think of it, your father did mention something about you and Raw wanting to start a family...this is fantastic, Jeb!” Glitch bounced over and hugged Jeb tight.


Raw could see the effort it took Jeb to hold himself together in front of his fathers. It wasn’t until the waiting room doors had closed behind them that Jeb began to tremble in earnest.

Emma gave Raw a silent, knowing look and went ahead, leaving the couple alone for a moment. Pausing in the middle of the corridor, Raw turned to face Jeb. He pressed a kiss to the middle of Jeb’s forehead; Jeb raised his head to accept the anticipated second kiss on his lips.

“Don’t freak out now,” Raw whispered with a warm smile. “I’m with you.”


It was a frantic, tense few moments following the birth that had Raw working swiftly to take away Jeb’s pain. With the doctor’s help, they quickly had Jeb cleaned up and settled in a bed, despite Jeb’s exhausted weakness slowing their efforts.

When Emma returned with the now-clean newborn, Jeb could barely keep his eyes open. Emma placed the baby next to him but didn’t go anywhere. Jeb managed a soft, pleased sound as he held his daughter for the first time, his fingers tracing her tiny pink face reverently.

Don’t freak out, he thought to himself. She’s absolutely perfect.